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Privacy Policy

3x1 Btc is striving to protects your private data at the highest level possible. Privacy policy of our company is intended to keep every investor informed about the measures that we take to protect the personal data provided to us, and also in order to let everyone get acquainted with the information that we gather and how do we use it. The privacy policy applies to the visitors of the site and to our investors.

What information do we gather and how we use it.

When you interact with the site 3x1 Btc, visit any pages of our website, and also when you use our products and/or our information, our systems automatically gather the following information:

Your payment information;Electronic mail address;Online identifiers (cookies);Your location;Web browser, its version;Your IP-address;Data about your operating system. Apart from that, only to in order to optimize our collaboration, we can offer you additional information. When you register on the site, you agree to provide your personal information and additional information.

Information security.

3x1 Btc has all the necessary technical, administrative and physical measures for site security, site’s and servers’ database, where the site and its databases are located, and also all the necessary measures and methods to protect from unauthorized access, using and revelation of information about our customers by third parties.

Access and update of information.

You can correct inaccuracies in the information provided by you at the time of registration, if you contact our customer support service, in order to do that visit the section "Support" on our site or you may access the Personal Office and insert the corresponding information updates (only to add payment details, which had not been added at the time of registration).

Changes in Privacy Policy.

3x1 Btc can use and/or disclose information, which can identify your personality, only if you directly and explicitly agree with that. In any other cases we will under no circumstances disclose your personal data. Any changes in this Privacy Policy enter into force from the moment of their actual publications in this section of the site.

Anti-spam policy

3x1 Btc has negative attitude toward using of spam. Our company does not rely on the common definition of what "spam" is. That is why in order to avoid being considered a spammer, you should attentively read this section and in order to understand what exactly spam is for our company.

You should not do the following:

Send emails to people, who did not ask you for that;Give relevant links to our website on discussion forums, newsgroups, and websites where it is forbidden to do;Use the email addresses, which you bought from third parties, for sending emails;Use services of third parties for sending newsletters of your relevant link;Use the scripts, which automatically and without without notifying subscribe the visitors of your website for getting your notifications, which are related to our company, our website or your relevant link to our website This list of actions, which our company recognizes as spam, is not exhaustive and can be supplemented and/or increased at any time. If you are not sure how to classify your actions, please, visit our section "Support" on our website to consult our customer support service before you take these actions. We respect all our customers and will provide maximum assistance to help you avoid abuses of this Anti-spam policy. Violation of this Anti-spam policy will lead to blocking of your Personal Office. All the money, which could be in your Personal Office at the moment of blocking, will not be returned.

Changes in Anti-spam policy

The list of actions, which we consider to be spam, can change from time to time. The measures to prevent using of spam can also change at any time and without prior consultation. You agree to independently track any changes and/or amendments, which can emerge in this Anti-spam policy of our company.

Procedure of the Anti-spam policy.

This Anti-spam policy extends to all investors of 3x1 Btc, who have a Personal Office (registered) on the site 2up This Anti-spam policy operated within the framework of and in accordance with the "General conditions of business" of 3x1 Btc.