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Welcome to Global
Matrix Millionaire

Use modern progressive technologies of Bitcoin to earn money

What is Global Matrix Millionaire

GMM is innovative network marketing business.

GMM is a first matrix on the planet which offers passive income to thier members, It means there is no requirement of reffering.

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Our Features

Why should you join GMM and how it makes difference.

Mobile Friendly

You can access our website and backoffice, seamlessly with your mobile phone, giving you ease to do business.


Safe & Secure

Our system is Safe and Secure, System has been fully audited by external security agencies



Easy fund management with quick deposit and withdrawal facility. Generally payments are processed within 30 mins.


Our program offer the following benefits

  • Perfect solution for team joins to create instant wealth.
  • Forced matrix combination... Yes, you do get spillover!
  • Build your business in small 3x2 forced matrix.
  • Very affordable one-time $20 USD fee to be entered into the STANDARD MATRIX.
  • $Instant Cash payout each time someone enters into your level 2. FREE Entries into higher matrix phases.
  • Automatic entry into the STAGE 2 MATRIX under a new position after you fill your Standard 3x2 matrix
  • Automatic entry into the STAGE 3 MATRIX under a new position after you fill your 3x2 Bronze matrix.
  • Automatic entry into the STAGE 4 MATRIX after you fill in your 3x2 Gold Matrix.
  • Automatic entry into the STAGE 5 MATRIX after you fill your 3x2 Gold Matrix
  • Unlimited adverting credits to promote TEXT and BANNER ADS rotating on our website 24/7
  • Full statistical reports of your downline, their name, and commissions owing, and paid.
  • Full support 24/7 365 days of the year.

Get Started With Global Matrix Millionaire

3 Easy Steps to get Started with GMM


Create Your Account

Click on signup button, enter your email and choose your password to get started with this awesome business.


Deposit Funds

Login to your backoffice with email and password used while signup, Click add fund (Min 20$ is required to get started)


Start Making Money

Buy your first position and if you loved this business start sharing your referral link.





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GMM Stages

GMM membership packages and potential income, Everyone starts with a standard $20 purchase one time

10% Direct Bonus and 1% Daily for 120 days i.e 120% returns guaranteed, even if you cycle or do not cycle

Stage 1
$ 20 .00 /POSITION
  • 3x2 Size
  • $60 Payout
  • Free Stage 2Position
  • Unlimited Login Ads
Stage 2
$ 100 .00 /POSITION
  • 3x2 Size
  • $400 Payout
  • Free Stage 3 Position
  • Unlimited Login Ads
Stage 3
$ 500 .00 /POSITION
  • 3x2 Size
  • $1500 Payout
  • Free Stage 4 Position
  • Unlimited Login Ads
Stage 4
$ 2500 .00 /POSITION
  • 3x2 Size
  • $10000 Payout
  • Free Stage 5 Position
  • Unlimited Login Ads
Stage 5
$ 12500 .00 /POSITION
  • 3x2 Size
  • $100,000 Payout
  • No Upgrade Position
  • Unlimited Login Ads

Turn a ONE-TIME $20 USD Into 6 Figures And Beyond...

  • "Get 3 and Be Financially FREE" If you have never had any success online ever before - then we have GREAT NEWS FOR YOU!
  • Our new 3x2 TEAM FORCED MATRIX can take your online earnings to UNBELIEVABLE levels. Its a simple 3x2 matrix with a multi-phase, self-funding upgrade system which can leverage your intial ONE TIME PAYMENT of $20.00 into an truly ongoing residual income for life.
  • 3 x 2 FORCED MATRIX 3 wide, 2 levels deep. 12 positions in all. Every second level positions pays you INSTANTLY!
  • JUST A ONE-TIME PAYMENT OF ONLY $20 Every position costs just $20 USD. No more monthly payments ever!
  • 5 POWERFUL AND SELF FUNDING UPGRADE PHASES Every position will be automatically upgrade into the next phase when the small 3x2 matrix is complete at NO EXTRA COST
  • INSTANT PAYMENTS All commissions paid instantly into your back-office account. No waiting for cycles or completed levels
  • DAILY PAYMENTS WE PAY DAILY! Sometimes 5 or 6 times a day to your Wallet Account. Never more than 24 hours apart.